Please consider this page a learning and showcase project. It will link to some things I’m proud of, projects people can find useful, and also stuff I have to share to be motivated to continue working on.

  1. 3 to 5 of my most “interesting” GitHub repositories will be here.
  2. Some GitPages pages with markdown (this one), html, and css (TODO)
  3. Some “website alternatives” showcase (Notion, Coda, things like that)
  4. Some actual external websites with other initiatives

Github Projects

Have I Been PWNED - Offline checker

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This set of scripts lets you update your users’ data from a spreadsheet.

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Set of basic scripts for pulling useful data from Google Workspace.

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Apps Script

Small one-file API scripts on Google’s Apps Script

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Python 3.* script to create Google calendar events for Anniversaries and Birthdays based on PeopleHR employee data.

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Other fun things I do

You can find me at:

and probably in some other places too